Update IHS Insight software

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Windows IHS_Insight-

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Improvements introduced with update 2.0.0 :

• Minor Corrections & Performance Optimization

Improvements introduced with update 1.9.0 :

• Allows installation of an inverter battery (called backup) on the device

Improvements introduced with update 1.8.0 :

• Simplification of the menu on the remote control
• Automatic recognition of the type of appliance you wish to update (recognition of the new models)
• Remote control available in four languages (Danish, German, English and French) and possibility to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius
• Improved communication between the remote control and the Air box IHS (better synchronization of the remote control for a better description of errors)
• New logo on the remote control
• Detection of the door opening (greater response capacity at the opening / closing of the door)
• Assistance for IHS Backup (Mini backup battery, for a better combustion in case of power outages. Coming in 2016)

The IHS technology (Intelligent Heat System) allows the automatic regulation of your appliance with a remote control. Using the IHS Insight software allows you to analyze the performance of your appliance equipped with IHS.